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Create your unique Foxfire Experience.

Photography by Hollie Creative Studios, Kelli Lindsey Photography, Alex Tate and viewers like you.

For many folks your wedding day is the biggest party that you’ll ever throw for yourselves. Lets make the entire experience one for the books!

To read more about the Ranch wedding experience, click here.

Occassions to gather safely together in celebration of our art, culture and community is a gift.  Whether its a baby shower, festival, Quinceneara, family reunion, private retreat or some unique experience of your design - we’ve got you covered. At Foxfire we have the capacity to house, feed, and entertain your guests without ever having to leave these grounds. No need to search any further! 

Want to ensure your guests a most delicious experience with ease on your end? Welcome to Ms. Annie’s kitchen where the secret ingredient is LOVE! At Foxfire Ranch we invite you to experience soul-full Southern comfort food with all of the fixings. The flavors from her kitchen will leave you craving more, her greens and cornbread will haunt your dreams, and her BBQ will give any pit master a run for their money. Don’t eat meat? Don’t worry, we show our vegan and vegetarian guests plenty of love too.

Miss Annie + Aunt Connie
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Photography by Hollie Janell Creative Studios, Kelli Lindsey Photography,

Alex Tate, & viewers like you.

Photography by Hollie Janell Creative Studios, 

Alex Tate, & viewers like you.

Photography by Hollie Creative Studios

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