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Welcome to

Foxfire Ranch

Undeniable magic.
About Us A

About Us

A Great Place to Gather.

Foxfire hosts high-quality concerts, weddings, retreats, and private events year-round. The 80-acre ranch boasts a 5,000 square-foot open-air pavilion, an indoor banquet hall, multiple stages, 4 private cabins, outdoor showers, and a full-service catering kitchen.


Musicians love to play here with blue skies as their backdrop. Families joyfully gather here for reunions, quinceaneras and to publicly declare their commitments of love to each other.


Children run freely, finding wonder nestled in the arms of whispering pines and restful oak trees. This is a place where cell phones slow down, the internet is a little finicky, the food feeds your soul and your body remembers.


Foxfire is conveniently located within a short driving distance of Memphis, TN and Oxford, MS, making your customizable retreat to the country easily within reach. 

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At Foxfire Ranch we center rest, relationship building and connecting with one another. This is a space to retreat from the onslaught of daily living, and for dreaming and laughter. Foxfire is an invitation to reconnect with the freedom not to move, or perhaps to move much more slowly. And while we cannot deny the importance of addressing the systemic issues that impact the collective, we must also nurture the spaces for the personal, the intimate, the encounters with strangers who become friends, or at least not so estranged.


There are not many constants, but as long as this red clay lies beneath expansive skies, it is our commitment to be along for the journey, holding space for those who cling to the brightest part of our spirits and selves. The parts hungry for fellowship, affinity, peace and joy.


This is our pledge to you, that when you’re here you are home, you are welcome and you are beloved community. We invite you and yours back, again and again, to reconnect to that quintessential nature, the core of your goodness, the bounty of the mother and the dignity in one another.


So while you can host your special events, ceremonies, festivals and milestones anywhere, understand that the opportunity to engage with Foxfire Ranch is helping us write the next 100 years of our story. This is more than another event venue, this is a legacy.


Peace and Power,


The Hollowell Family

Foxfire founder and visionary

Albert Hollowell, 1892-1961.


(L-R) Big Mama Annie, Hollie, Bill, and Annette Hollowell circa 1993

Check out our story:

Untitled design.png

The Hollowell family (plus Aunt Connie).

A Letter To The People:

Little Bill Hollowell

circa 1956.

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 Bright At Night

Please enjoy this short film by Southern Foodways Alliance Summer Film Intern,

Susie Penman, to hear a little of our story.


Small correction - Where it says Annette Hollowell in the film, that is actually her mother Annie Hollowell - and nobody cooks quite like Big Mama!

join the festivities


Hill Country Blues Healin'

Maintaining the unique tradition from this neck of the woods, our Sunday Blues Concerts feature sensational music from local and international legends. Respectfully paired with the best hot food and cold drinks this side of the Mississippi.


make lasting memories

From Weddings to Quinceñeras, and Family Reunions to Campouts- Foxfire Ranch is the ideal home for joy filled celebrations. With our 5,000 square foot open air pavilion, 4 cabins and 2 stages perfect for grooving under the Hill Country stars, you may wanna book fast!

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festivals to retreats

We’ve hosted thousands of music lovers on these 80-acres over the years. From Hill Country Harmonica - 

the largest blues harmonica gathering in the U.S., to intimate retreats, to rockin’ festivals brimming with college kids.

train tracks
train tracks

Designs by Alleyha Dannett, Photography by Hollie Creative Studios, Kelli Lindsey Photography, Ben Wooley Photography,  Alex Tate, Charles Tucker,  Keerthi Chandrashekar, Steven W. Likens, Roger Stolle, and viewers like you.


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What seeds are you planting?

Whether it's a wedding or retreat, family reunion or a secluded stay, Foxfire Ranch is prepared to accomodate your magical time.

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